VR Drumming Academy

We believe that kids need to be educated in Chinese Cultural since they are at young age, which all the good values such as loyalty, wisdom, perseverance, bravery & peace to learned through f

VR Drumming Academy founded in 2012, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was founded by experienced drummer Lee Zheng Wai. He has been working full time in the field of drumming for more than ten years and is dedicated to promoting drum culture and drumming.

VR Drumming Academy


Company Highlights

  • 8 years established business with proven track records.
  • Trains up to 3,000 students each year, accumulated over 10,000.
  • The highest monthly sales up to RM150,000.
  • Our total sales within 8 years is up to RM3,000,000.
  • Successfully held 8 physical drum competitions.
  • Successfully held 2 online drum competitions.
  • Successfully signed 3-year performance contracts with 10 shopping malls.
  • Possess intellectual property worth up to RM1,000,000.
  • Enters Malaysia Book of Record for conducting 24-festive drum show with over 388 students.

About VR Drumming Academy

VR is named after “We are”, we believe that the art of drum is truly without racial or religion distinction. Drum art can become an intermediary to promote national unity and harmony, give people of all ethnic groups in Malaysia an opportunity to understanding each other through the art of drum.

VR was born out after realization of our Founder, Master Lee and his sifu. It all begins when his sifu sing to him a note and instruct him to play out the rhythm. This incident brings a realization to Master Lee that all other field such as piano, guitar, saxophone, violin etc have their own notes. Hence, he come out with a systematic musical note to allow the drummer to have better reference.

The main purpose of VR DRUMMING ACADEMY is to preserve cultural heritage and promote the Drumming Arts to our local community for all. From humble beginnings of school grounds rehearsal space and rented instruments, VR DRUMMING ACADEMY has steadily grown from strength to strength. Demonstrating that intention, passion and hard-work never fail.


The reason that MCO unable to promote online drum class:

  • Lack of a set of management mechanisms, resulting in inability to replicate within a short period.
  • Lack of cognition and awareness of drum culture.
  • Lack of systematic drum course with transmission power.
  • Lack of professional coaching from skilled personnel.
  • Lack of channel for dissemination and marketing promotion.


01. Management independence

  • Use of App backend management system to increase working efficiency.

02. Globalised business

  • Use of internet to promote drum course (video coaching) worldwide.

03. Systematic Lesson

  • Compose a diversified eight-level score, so that everyone can learn drum through 8 different levels, and all ethnic groups in the world can learn happily.

04. Technical Specialisation

  • Standard operation procedure (S.O.P.) formalised by skilled personnel, from online to offline

05. Channel Diversification

  • Fission marketing model achieved with good reputation; Internet advertising, online & offline activities to acquire customer diversion.


  • Planning of drum performances
  • Coach training
  • Drumming guidance
  • Cultural activities
  • International drum arts festival
  • Drumming class for community

All of these services come with a level guaranteed and definitely worth its value.



  • Asia Legendary Drum Art Young Leader Award 2019
  • Malaysia Most Impactful Cultural Award 2017
  • World Drum Grandmaster Award
  • One Of The Best Drum Team In The World
  • Malaysia Book Of Records - Largest 24 Festive Drum Performance
  • Malaysia International Youth Culture & Arts Festival Global Grand Finale-gold Award
  • China Hunan Tv Spring Festival Gala Official Drum Team

Partner School

  • Semenyih
  • Mahkota Cheras
  • Sri petaling
  • Puchong
  • USJ
  • Kota Damansara
  • Desa Park city
  • Mont Kiara
  • TTDI
  • Ara Damansara
  • Setia alam

We have currently 11 partner schools strategically operates in the major areas within Klang Valley

Future Plans

With the initial investment, VR Drumming Academy plans to expand on online education where we will be focusing on online video tutorial & live streaming classroom in coming years, then eventually shift to on-ground where we will be having expansion on branches and focus on professional coach training with our systemised syllabus when the pandemic is cooling down.


Corporate Designation:

  • Founder & CEO of VR Drumming Academy (M) Sdn Bhd
  • Founder & Managing Director of VR Drums Studio Sdn Bhd

International Designation:

  • Drumming Director of China Hunan Yue Xing Arts Academy
  • Drumming Director of China Shenzhen Neway Cultural Media Sdn Bhd

Association Designation:

  • President of VR Cultural and Creative Association Malaysia
  • Committee of Malaysia-China Culture & Arts Association
  • Committee of Malaysia Shamchun Chamber of Commerce
  • Former Secretary of Hua Zong 24 Festive Drums Development Department
  • Former Secretary of 24 Festive Drums Association Malaysia


  • Diploma holder in Broadcasting.
  • 22 years of experience in playing drums and accumulated over 15 years of experience in drums performing arts and drums education line.
  • Other than management and coaching activities in Malaysia, he has greatly promoted festive drum cultural activities to overseas such as China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
  • Currently work as a full-time drumming coach, judges & lecturer.
  • Leading more than 50 drum teams in the global range.



  • 成立于2012年,于业内已有8年经验。
  • 每年培训高达3,000名学生,累计超过10,000名。
  • 每月最高的销售额高达RM150,000。
  • 8年内的学院总销售额高达RM3,000,000。
  • 成功举办8场鼓艺平台。
  • 近期成功举办2场线上的鼓艺比赛。
  • 与10 间商场成功签下3年的表演合同。
  • 拥有价值高达RM1,000,000的知识产权。
  • 同388学员创下马来西亚纪录大全最大型二十四节令鼓队。


VR取自英文的简称We are(我们),我们坚信鼓艺是没有肤色之分、种族之分、宗教之分。各族人民可以透过鼓艺来相互了解、体谅甚至是国民团结的理想媒介,充分表现出大马和谐与包容的社会。




MCO 无法推广线上鼓艺课程主要因素

  1. 缺乏一套管理的机制,导致无法快速复制。
  2. 人们缺乏对鼓艺文化的认知与意识。
  3. 缺乏一套具有传播能力的系统化鼓艺课程。
  4. 缺乏一套技术人员专业化的指导。
  5. 缺乏传播渠道和市场推广。



  • 利用APP后台管理系统,提高前台工作效率。


  • 利用互联网把鼓艺课程(视频教学)推广到全世界。


  • 撰写多元化八级总谱,让所有人都可以通过8个不同的等级学习鼓艺,全世界各民族都可以实现快乐学习。


  • 经验累计撰写技术人员SOP课程,线上线下双管齐下。


  • 利用口碑快速裂变;互联网广告投放;线上线下活动互相引流等。


  • 鼓艺表演策划
  • 教练培训班
  • 鼓队指导工作
  • 文化活动如鼓艺交流会
  • 国际鼓艺节
  • 大众鼓艺班




  • 亚洲风云鼓艺青年领袖
  • 国际最具影响力文化大奖
  • 世界大师联盟公认鼓艺大师
  • 被誉为世界鼓艺精湛鼓团之一
  • 马来西亚纪录大全最大型二十四节令鼓队
  • 荣获国际青少年文化艺术盛典全球决赛金奖
  • 中国湖南卫视广播电视台春晚导演组御用鼓团


  1. Semenyih
  2. Mahkota Cheras
  3. Sri petaling
  4. Puchong
  5. USJ
  6. Kota Damansara
  7. Desa Park city
  8. Mont Kiara
  9. TTDI
  10. Ara Damansara
  11. Setia alam






  • VR Drumming Academy (M) Sdn Bhd 创办人兼董事长
  • VR Drums Studio Sdn Bhd 执行长兼鼓艺总监


  • 中国湖南悦星艺术培训学院鼓艺总监
  • 中国深圳纽威文化传媒有限公司鼓艺总监


  • 马来西亚大众文创协会创会会长
  • 马中文化艺术协会理事
  • 马来西亚深圳总商会文化主任兼理事
  • 华总二十四节令鼓原总秘书
  • 马来西亚二十四节令鼓协会原秘书长兼发起人


  • 毕业于广播电视电影科系专业文凭(Diploma in Broadcasting)。
  • 拥有22年鼓艺根基,并且从事鼓队教育与文化推动工作超过15年经验。
  • 曾多次担任策划与执行国际赛事,同时也担任赛事裁判长等职务,致力推动与改革鼓艺发展,管理与指导鼓队除了遍布马来西亚外,更积极推动到中国、香港、台湾等其他国家进行鼓艺文化交流和推动之工作。
  • 现为全职专业鼓艺教练、裁判、讲师。
  • 领导全世界超过50支鼓队。


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