About Us

Leet Capital is an innovative & premier equity crowdfunding platform.
Since being awarded our license by the Securities Commission in May 2019,
we’ve been enabling investors to invest in highly vetted high growth businesses,
whilst providing an avenue for high growth businesses to raise capital.

Our Ecosystem

Leveraging on both 1337 Ventures and Leet Academy, Leet Capital provides advisory and growth capital solutions to high growth startups and SMEs via ECF and other relevant capital sources and channels.
Leet Academy focuses on providing startups the access to knowledge of starting, running, and scaling a business in the digital age. Through Leet Academy, companies are able to learn digitally through its MOOC programmes, or monthly events.
Established in 2012, 1337 Ventures is Malaysia’s first accelerator programme. Pioneering the Design Thinking Methodology and Design Sprints in Malaysia, 1337 Ventures has utilised its learning to accelerate over 700 startups from 6 different countries. 1337 Ventures has launched accelerators for MNCs and GLCs such as Bank Negara Malaysia, Khazanah Nasional, Telekom, Digi, MDEC, CIMB and Maybank, to name a few.

Why Us?

1337 Ecosystem
As part of the 1337 Ecosystem, we have substantial knowledge and experience to help you kickstart your fundraising journey.
Helping companies grow is part of our DNA. Having trouble scaling? No problem! We’re excited to help you draft your roadmap.
Due Dilligence
We ensure each deals that enter our platform are well-vetted and have clear path to growth.
Hands on support and coaching through the entire process.
Bridge the gap between high-potential companies and passionate investors.

Our Team

Bikesh Lakhmichand
Chief Executive Officer
Teh Su-Ching
Chief Financial Officer
Alice Foong
Senior Manager
Chai Wen Lee
Senior Manager (Business Development)
Soalen Sittampalam
Lead Venture Architect
Shannon Chow
Head of Marketing
Wing Lok
John Lee


By investing in equity crowdfunding, you will be investing into early-stage companies, which carries a huge risk as they may or may not do well.

As an investor, you may lose all of your investment and may not be able to sell any investment you purchase due to illiquidity.

You are advised to spread your risks by diversifying your portfolio across different asset classes. We strongly advise that you seek independent advice and conduct your own due diligence and research before you decide to invest.

For more information, read our Warning Statement.