Akru is a robo-advisor that helps anyone to invest any amount of money by providing personalised investment advice that is much cheaper and faster. The platform utilises algorithms to analyse client’s financial goals and preferences and generate a personalised investment plan.

min. target

RM 500,250.00

max. target

RM 1,999,550.00

RM 5,800.00 funded
38 days left

Vale Pine Sdn Bhd

Vale Pine is a staycation specialist with the mission of making luxury more accessible. Vale Pine has units available for booking in premier locations such as Tropicana The Residences (W Hotel), Platinum Suites KLCC, Vista Genting, and Suasana Bukit Ceylon. Vale Pine fills the niche of affordable luxury for group travellers.

min. target

RM 688,800.00

max. target

RM 2,368,800.00

RM 2,400.00 funded
22 days left

G Environment Energy Solutions (M) Sdn Bhd

Genes seeks to create a better world by empowering people with innovative and sustainable energy solutions. We combine our expertise in technology, power generation and renewable energy to offer custom designed energy management & distribution systems.


iCEE International Sdn Bhd

ICEE International is a premier autonomous ClimateTech solution for chiller optimisation. Using IoT sensors and artificial intelligence software, ICEE is able to achieve superior control, resulting in lower energy costs, a reduced carbon footprint, and better facility management

Campaign Ended

Axle Eracing Grand Prix Sdn Bhd

eRacing Grand Prix SEA (eRGPSEA) aims to create an ecosystem bridging the eSports industry together with the motorsports through excellent production and streaming quality and closer racing competition to reach a larger mainstream audience potential.

Launching Soon


Risk Warning

By investing in equity crowdfunding, you will be investing into early-stage companies, which carries a huge risk as they may or may not do well.

As an investor, you may lose all of your investment and may not be able to sell any investment you purchase due to illiquidity.

You are advised to spread your risks by diversifying your portfolio across different asset classes. We strongly advise that you to seek independent advice and conduct your own due diligence and research before you decide to invest.

For more information, read our Warning Statement.