Grow Your Business

Raising capital through Leet Capital is an easy and efficient method for financing your business and tuning into the startup and entrepreneurship ecosystem in Southeast Asia. Leet Capital is a platform not only for raising funds with equity crowdsource funding but also for building community, educating businesses, and providing resources to facilitate business growth.

How It Works

STEP 1 : Create an account
Register as a user and fill in the account profile: company name, description, website, etc.
STEP 2: Build Campaign
Fill out a campaign request, including details such as funding goal, company valuation, and equity offering.
STEP 3: Due Diligence
On our side, we will review all requests submitted and perform due diligence to ensure that they meet all our criteria.
STEP 4: Submit Documentation
Once approved, we may request further information and documentation to help us better understand the project.
STEP 5: Campaign Launch
Once the campaign write up and issuer agreement is all settled, the campaign will go live.
STEP 6: Post-Campaign
After your campaign ends, either there will be verification and distribution of funds or there will be investment refunds depending on whether the target fund amount has been reached.

How You Benefit

Raise Capital

Finance your business now with less restrictions.

Connect with Investors

Network and gather support for your ideas.

Get support from Community

Connect with other businesses and learn about other initiatives.

Online Guidance and Tools

Leverage our digital tools and courses to grow your business.


By investing in equity crowdfunding, you will be investing into early-stage companies, which carries a huge risk as they may or may not do well.

As an investor, you may lose all of your investment and may not be able to sell any investment you purchase due to illiquidity.

You are advised to spread your risks by diversifying your portfolio across different asset classes. We strongly advise that you seek independent advice and conduct your own due diligence and research before you decide to invest.

For more information, read our Warning Statement.