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Connecting an elite group of Angel and high-net-worth investors with promising Malaysian and Southeast Asian companies.

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The Club

A Club for Angel & Sophisticated Investor

Eleet Angels Club is an exclusive club that aims to bring together Sophisticated & Angel Investors. Our Angel Investors typically want to diversify their investment across scalable startup businesses and SMEs as well.

Our mission is to connect Angel Investors from Malaysia & Southeast Asia to discover deals in Malaysia. 

Requirements to Join

How To Join the Club

The Eleet Angels Club is an elite group of Angel Investors & sophisticated investors that can support Startups. This group includes those who are either considered as a High Net Worth Individual or a High-Income Earner.


High Net Worth Individual or High Income Earner, criteria as follows: 

Sophisticated Investor
Your total net personal assets exceeds RM3 million and you have experience in investing in securities.


Angel Investor
The gross annual income of not less than RM180,000 in the preceding period of 12 months; or jointly with his or her spouse, with gross annual income of RM250,000 in the preceding period of 12 months.


Typical deal sizes range from RM30k to RM200k per investor, for a total of RM200k to RM1.2m per deal. Because this is a high-risk, high-return investment, we recommend dividing your assets over 20 firms to manage your risk.

The majority of our active investors contribute between RM200k and RM1 million per year in three to four startups.

Depending on the contract, the minimum investment amount ranges from RM25k to RM50k.

Join Eleet Angel Investor Club

Fill up the form & our team will be in touch to verify & request documents for verification within 3-5 working days. 

About Leet Capital

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